You cannot fail to have noticed that protein is seriously big business. But can such massive growth be sustained, and how
do you ensure your customers are receiving the right education about their needs?

Protein has become the star of the health food show in recent years. Not only is protein being added to every kind of food stuff conceivable, there are now shops that sell only protein products, whether it’s a healthy smoothie or a nutritious snack bar.

But while the focus on staying fit and healthy through increased protein use can be seen as a positive, we have seen a  huge explosion in protein related products to the market, and some with very questionable quality and health benefits. This has raised certain issues; the quest for quality products is, of  course, at the forefront, and so too is the very real need to educate shoppers about their protein needs, dependent on their lifestyle, what type of protein sources they need, how much, and consuming the right products not laden with junk.

“Protein is simply everywhere, in every possible flavour and combination. We live in an industry that is fast paced and driven by the media. Protein has never been so popular and has become the ‘nutrient’ du jour, especially with the revelation across all boards that protein is good for you and does not have to be seen as being a restrictive way of eating or lifestyle,” explained Isabelle Nunn, Technical and Commercial Nutritionist at Kinetic, which distributes a number of brands, including Amazing Grass and Garden of Life.