Mindful Eating and Balance Magazine

Kinetic has teamed up the publication Balance Magazine and together presented a sell-out workshop celebrating Organic month.

Mindful eating is essential to life as our food choices impact our day-to-day lives but also can have a long-term epigenetic impact on future generations. We at Kinetic understand the importance of mindful eating due to the nature of our business as the largest UK and European Natural Product distributor.  We have been fortunate enough to collaborate with Balance magazine, a like-minded wellness based magazine to host a Mindful Eating workshop last month.  Now everyone has probably heard of being ‘mindful’ especially when eating but it’s really difficult to know what exactly is mindful eating and why should we be eating mindfully.

Mindful eating is using all your senses in choosing food that is both satisfying to you and nourishing to your body.  It means that you allow yourself to become aware of the positive and nurturing opportunities, which are available through food selection. Eating mindfully allows you to eat with attention and actually acknowledge the food you are eating without any distraction.

Mindful eating has many benefits such as it gives you the ability to make decisions around food, which makes us, feel good during and after eating. Mindful eating also allows you to have a more positive and calm experience around food and eating. It allows you to connect with the actual sensory experiences of eating by using our senses and allows us to enjoy eating our food without distractions.

During this amazing workshop we covered the following topics involved with mindful eating;

  • ·       How to become more in tune with your body when eating
  • ·       How to pay attention to body signals when hungry and full
  • ·       Being able to make choices based on your senses
  • ·       Eating without any distractions
  • ·       How to practice mindful eating whilst eliminating a key sense (sight)
  • ·       How to take it back to BASICS with mindful eating
  • ·       How mindful eating is not a diet

This helped every attendee understand the key elements to mindful eating and how we tend to grab food and eat, rather than actually think about the food choices we make, and how important these are to our overall health. Each attendee left feeling more positive about mindful eating and were able to take part in a 10minute mindful eating exercise which allowed them to use their 5 senses in analyzing a piece of food.

It’s essential to remember that food is our fuel to life and practicing mindful eating can overall help our digestive system, our food choices and our relationship with food. Over time you will see the positive impact mindful eating has in your life from the better relationship you have with food.  This can include getting more enjoyment, and satisfaction during and after meals as well as a new found connection to your body.  The benefits are plentiful and plain to see for anyone who has ventured into the world of Mindful Eating.

For more information on our event visit our social media profiles and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!