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Delivery & Returns

Returns Policy

1. Kinetic Enterprises engages to supply its customers with products that:

(a) Are in saleable condition

(b) Are not damaged

(c) Whose packaging or labelling is not compromised

(d) Have sufficient remaining shelf life

(e) Correspond to their technical specifications

(f) Are charged at the correct price

2. The Trade Customers of Kinetic may return these products only if all of the below conditions are met:

(a) Claims for shortages or damaged goods are reported to the office within 5 days of receipt of order. Any delays will always be considered

(b) All claims are submitted to the office in written form, i.e. via email, with supporting photographic evidence (where applicable)

(c) All claims are submitted with a valid reference relating to the purchase of goods, e.g. invoice number or order number, with the exception of consumer sales returns

(d) If customers would like to return goods that are not damaged, these will be accepted only if all of the below is met:

      i) The return is not a result of the customer changing their mind about a purchase they have already made

     ii) The goods have a minimum of 6 months remaining shelf life. No claims for expired goods will be accepted, especially if the goods have been purchased more than 1 year ago

     iii) The goods are in saleable condition – product is not used and is still sealed, original packaging and labels are uncompromised (wherever applicable)

(e) For goods that are sold in cases, e.g. a case of 15 sachets, a box of 12 food bars or a display of 6 lip balms, no claims for singles will be accepted

(f) If customers would like to return goods that have been returned to them by consumers, they need to notify the Kinetic office in writing by specifying the reason why the goods were returned

(g) Claims on goods that were sold to customers ‘on promotion’ where the customer was explicitly aware of the promotion will not be accepted. Returns for over stocking will not be accepted. Customers who accept a bespoke promotion, where the discounted product has a fault, cannot make claims on this fault

(h) Claims are authorised and issued only by the Kinetic office. No claims approved by Sales Representatives will be honoured

(i) If a claim has been challenged by Kinetic and a follow up has not been submitted by the claimant within 2 weeks’ time, the claim is no longer valid and will therefore be cancelled

(j) Items that have been incorrectly dispatched to customers or have been dispatched with a distinct manufacturing flaw can be returned anytime